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This year's lineup of presentations are being kicked off by Sharonika Williamson, and hot on her heels is Pat Stuart! 

They are part 1 and 2 of a 6 part journey focusing on developing our handling skills.

Suitable for the pet dog owner with an interest in dog training, to the keen training enthusiast through to the professional pet dog trainer and any sport or competitive trainer who is looking to elevate their handling skills and training mechanics. 

Each presenter will focus on an aspect of the skills required to be clear, precise and consistent with markers, reinforcement, timing, luring, physical and verbal helps, along with understanding the feedback our dogs are giving us about their learning experience and how to use that to inform your training plan for each individual dog. 

With 6 different presenters, focusing on the same skills, each through the unique lens of their own specialty, from detection to cognition to precision obedience, you are assured to receive the information in the way you need to create a deeper, more connected understanding.

These are full day, catered events.

Apply for limited working spots.

*conditions apply

*appropriate for audiences ages 16 years and over

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